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New edition with links to the maps of the International Astronomical Union (IAU)


  1-  Mare Frigoris (Sea of Cold) IAU
  2-  Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains) IAU
  3-  Sinus Aestuum (Bay of Seething) IAU

  4-  Sinus Medii (Bay of the Center) IAU
  5-  Mare Vaporum (Sea of Vapors) IAU
  6-  Mare Serenitatis (Sea of Serenity) IAU
  7-  Mare Tranquillitatis (Sea of Tranquillity) IAU
  8-  Mare Crisium (Sea of Crises) IAU
17-  Lacus Somniorum (Lake of Sleep) IAU
18-  Palus Somni (Marsh of Sleep) IAU
19-  Mare Anguis (Sea of Snakes) IAU
20-  Mare Undarum (Sea of Waves) IAU

  9-  Mare Fecunditatis (Sea of Fecundity) IAU
10-  Mare Nectaris (Sea of Nectar) IAU
21-  Mare Spumans (Sea of Foam) IAU

11-  Mare Nubium (Sea of Clouds) IAU
12-  Mare Humorum (Sea of Moisture) IAU
13-  Mare Cognitum (Known Sea) IAU
22-  Palus Epidemiarum (Marsh of Diseases) IAU

14-  Oceanus Procellarum (Ocean of Storms) IAU

15-  Sinus Roris (Bay of Dew) IAU
16-  Sinus Iridum (Bay of Rainbows) IAU

Montes (Mountains):

23-  Montes Alpes IAU
24-  Vallis Alpes (Alpine Valley) IAU
25-  Montes Caucasus IAU
26-  Montes Apenninus IAU
27-  Montes Haemus IAU
28-  Montes Taurus IAU

29-  Montes Pyrenaeus IAU

30-  Rupes Recta (Straight Wall) [Geological Fault] IAU
31-  Montes Riphaeus IAU

32-  Vallis Schröteri (Schröter's Valley) [Northwest of Crater Aristarchus, 73, and North of Crater Herodotus] IAU
33-  Montes Jura IAU


34-  Crater Aristoteles [on the East part of Mare Frigoris, 1] IAU
35-  Crater Cassini IAU
36-  Crater Eudoxus IAU
37-  Crater Endymion IAU
38-  Crater Hercules IAU
39-  Crater Atlas IAU
40-  Crater Mercurius IAU
41-  Crater Posidonius IAU
42-  Crater Zeno IAU
43-  Crater Le Monnier IAU
44-  Crater Plinius IAU
45-  Crater Vitruvius IAU
46-  Cráter Cleomedes IAU
47-  Crater Taruntius IAU
48-  Crater Manilius IAU
49-  Crater Archimedes IAU
50-  Crater Autolycus IAU
51-  Crater Aristillus IAU

52-  Crater Langrenus IAU
53-  Crater Goclenius IAU
54-  Crater Hypatia IAU
55-  Crater Theophilus IAU
56-  Crater Rhaeticus [Crater Hipparchus is directly South of Crater Rhaeticus] IAU
57-  Crater Stevinus IAU
58-  Crater Ptolemaeus IAU
59-  Crater Walter IAU

60-  Crater Tycho IAU
61-  Crater Pitatus IAU
62-  Crater Schickard IAU
63-  Crater Campanus IAU
64-  Crater Bullialdus IAU
65-  Crater Fra Mauro IAU
66-  Crater Gassendi IAU
67-  Crater Byrgius IAU
68-  Crater Billy [Mons Hansteen is to the North of Crater Billy] IAU
69-  Crater Crüger IAU
70-  Crater Grimaldi IAU
71-  Crater Riccioli IAU

72-  Crater Kepler IAU
73-  Crater Aristarchus [Crater Herodotus is West of Crater Aristarchus] IAU
74-  Crater Copernicus IAU
75-  Crater Pytheas IAU
76-  Crater Eratosthenes [near the Southwestern extreme of Montes Apenninus, 26] IAU
77-  Crater Mairan IAU
78-  Crater Timocharis IAU
79-  Crater Harpalus [Crater Pythagoras is North of Crater Harpalus] IAU
80-  Crater Plato IAU

Manned Lunar Landing Missions:

-- -  Apollo 11 (July 20 '69) [Southwestern extreme of Mare Tranquilitatis, 7] IAU
-- -  Apollo 12 (November 19 '69) [Northern extreme of Mare Cognitum, 13] IAU
-- -  Apollo 13 (April 13 '70) [could not land North of Crater Fra Mauro, 65]
-- -  Apollo 14 (February 5 '71) [North of Crater Fra Mauro, 65] IAU
-- -  Apollo 15 (July 31 '71) [Northern extreme of Montes Apenninus, 26] IAU
-- -  Apollo 16 (April 21 '72) [between Craters Theophilus, 55, and Hipparchus] IAU
-- -  Apollo 17 (December 11 '72) [Southern extreme of Montes Taurus, 28] IAU


Each International Astronomical Union (IAU) link takes you to the feature map at the IAU Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature, Maps of The Moon, at the USGS Astrogeology Science Center.

The Moon has a surface area of some 37.96 million Km2, and a diameter of some 3,476 Km.

The directions East (E) and West (W) marked on the graphic, are directions as seen from the Moon; These are opposite of East and West as seen from the Earth.

ARVAL's Moon Map shows the Moon as seen through binoculars or the naked eyes, it does not invert the image in any direction.

The original Full Moon photograph, compressed and reduced for this page, is a copyright © of the UCO/Lick Observatory (University of California Observatories).

For general information on the Moon, in ARVAL:
Link to The Moon (in the "General Astronomy Information Leaflets" from the Royal Greenwich Observatory).

For more information on the exploration of the Moon, link to NASA - Human Space Flight - Apollo History.

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