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Solar System Data

Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council

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Information Leaflet No. 47: 'Solar System Data'

The Orbits of the Planets:

Planet Orbits Table

The Globes of the Planets:

Planet Globes Table


Satellite Table

Apart from the following, the orbital planes of all satellites are within 5 degrees of the orbital planes of their primary planets:

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PJA Thu Apr 18 10:43:04 GMT 1996

Pluto is now a "dwarf planet" by The IAU definition of "planet" and "dwarf planets" (August 24 '06).
See Observatorio ARVAL: Solar System Data.

On 13 September '06 the IAU Minor Planet Center assigned to Pluto the asteroid number 134340.
See IAU Minor Planet Center Circular 8747.

Updated: September 15 '06, June 24 '14

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