Andrés Valencia

Electronics Engineer

Curriculum Vitae

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Special Equipment Section Manager
Selection, import, sales and service of "Panasonic" professional video equipment and "National" electronic teaching equipment. Technical, sales and dealer personnel training. Demonstration and exhibition of new products at dealer conventions. Technical advisor. Member of Management Committee.
National Corporación Venezolana S.A. 1978 - 1983, Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, Pto. Ordáz. (Consumer & professional electronics) (a subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Company, Japan)

Customer and Technical Service Department Manager
Research & Development. Sales and Technical personnel Training. Systems Analyst and Programmer.
Tercer Medio Computación y Sistemas C.A. 1983 - 1985, Caracas.
(Capital and technology partner) (Computers & accounting software)

Productivity Manager
Computers and Systems Official. Management Training. Executive Committee member.
Playdeca/Plastiflex 1985 - 1989, Caracas - Valencia. (a subsidiary of Occidental Chemical Corporation)
(Plastic products & derivatives)

Technical Manager
Advisor to the President. Client and supplier relations. Projects and Instalations.
Venezolana de Transferencia Tecnológica S.A. (Vetranstec) 1990 - 1991, Caracas and Curaçao, Refinería ISLA
(Physical security electronic systems from Schlage Electronics) (a contractor for C.A. Metro de Caracas and PDVSA)

Machinery 4 Section Manager (Telecommunication & Railway Projects)
Local representative for the Japanese partners in Contuy Medio, the Italian, Japanese, Venezuelan Consortium awarded the final designand construction of FERROCAR's Caracas-Cúa railway.
Marubeni Venezuela C.A. 1991 - 1992, Caracas
(International projects & trading for Marubeni Corporation, Japan)

Contuy Medio Project Engineer
Contract negotiator, Economics, Logistics, Operations, Systems development.
Consorcio Contuy Medio 1992 - 1993, Caracas
(Execution of the FERROCAR-Marubeni Caracas-Cúa railway contract)

Present Occupation:
Since graduating, I have continued practical studies in computer systems and security.
Specialized in systems and applications development under MS DOS & Windows, in MS Visual Basic, MS Access Data Base Manager System, and programming in the C, FORTRAN and MS Visual Basic languages.
Analysis and financial simulation on MS Excel, Borland's Quattro Pro, and dBase.
Communications, and Novell and Microsoft Networks.
General office productivity with MS Office, MS Works for Windows, and Word Perfect products.
Internet MS ActiveX applications, and HTML development for Web pages.
Antivirus and firewall systems. Antispyware systems. Windows maintenance systems.

Since March 1993; Working as an independent security and systems consultant for various companies in Software, Industry, Services, and Advertisement.
Computer Systems Consultant for the Instituto Internacional de Estudios Avanzados (IDEA), a national scientific research center. From 1988 to 1991, Caracas, Sartenejas.
Security Systems Consultant for Refineria ISLA. From 1990 to 1992, Curaçao.
Computer Systems Consultant for CVG Ferrominera Orinoco, Caracas, Puerto Ordáz. From 1993 to 1994.

Working in Miami, Florida since December 2012.

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