The Mars Pathfinder North-East View

This image is a view to the northeast of the lander, it is annotated to show the variety of rocks in this landing site and what they tell us.
The red arrows point to rounded boulders and rocks, thought to have been shaped by the forces of water in flood (rough edges knocked off by the tumbling action of the water).
The blue arrows indicate rocks with sharp edges and points, most probably ejected from nearby impact craters and/or ancient volcanic activity.
The white areas (of which Scooby Doo is the lower one) are believed to be deposits left behind by evaporating water, or aggregates of materials fused together by the action of water.

This is a 50% reduction (65KB) of the North-East view taken by the Mars Pathfinder lander IMP camera on Sol 18 (July 21, 1997).

The original image (135KB) can be obtained from the Mars Pathfinder pages at:
Mars Pathfinder Mission (NASA-JPL and all mirror sites)

Updated: July 24 '97

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