ARVAL Catalog of Bright Galaxies (Galaxias)

Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
NGC 55 in Sculptor8.032.3 x 5.61420055Very elongated, dust & bright knotsSclb00h 14m 54s39° 11' S
NGC 147 in Cassiopeia *9.35.0 x 3.0120147Elongated galaxyCas00h 33m 12s48° 30' N
NGC 185 in Cassiopeia *9.23.0 x 2.050185Round galaxyCas00h 39m 00s48° 20' N
M110 in Andromeda *8.015.0 x 8.0940205Elongated galaxyAndC00h 40m 24s41° 41' N
M32 in Andromeda *9.18.8 x 6.5450221Round galaxy with bright coreAndC00h 42m 42s40° 52' N
M31, Andromeda Galaxy *3.5175 x 628,5220224Very elongated galaxy, dusty with bright coreAndB00h 42m 42s41° 16' N
NGC 247 in Cetus8.919.0 x 5.0750247Very elongated galaxy with bright coreCetb00h 47m 06s20° 46' S
NGC 253, Sculptor Galaxy7.125.0 x 5.0980253Very elongated galaxy, dust & bright knotsSclC00h 47m 36s25° 17' S
Small Magellanic Cloud in Tucana *3.5319 x 18646,6010292Elongated galaxyTuc00h 52m 38s72° 48' S
NGC 300 in Sculptor9.022.1 x 15.62710300Galaxy, very large, low brightnessSclb00h 54m 54s37° 41' S
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
PGC 03589 in Sculptor *8.840.0 x 30.8968Elongated galaxyScl01h 00m 09s33° 43' S
IC 1613 in Cetus *9.012.0 x 11.0104Round galaxyCetc01h 04m 48s02° 07' N
M33, Triangulum Galaxy *5.764.0 x 35.01,7590598Spiral galaxy structure with bright knotsTriC01h 33m 54s30° 39' N
M74 in Pisces9.211.0 x 9.0780628Spiral galaxy structurePscD01h 36m 42s15° 47' N
NGC 1023 in Perseus9.53.5 x 1.5251023Very elongated galaxy with bright corePerC02h 40m 24s39° 04' N
M77 in Cetus8.87.0381068Round galaxy with bright coreCetD02h 42m 42s00° 01' S
NGC 1097 in Formax9.38.0 x 7.0441097Very elongated galaxy, close companionForc02h 46m 18s30° 17' S
NGC 1232 in Eridanus9.98.5 x 7.5501232Spiral galaxy structureEriC03h 09m 48s20° 35' S
NGC 1291 in Eridanus8.59.7 x 8.1621291Round galaxy with bright coreErib03h 17m 18s41° 08' S
NGC 1313 in Reticulum9.09 x 6.9491313Barred spiral galaxy structureRetc03h 18m 18s66° 30' S
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
NGC 1316 in Formax8.911.9 x 8.5791316Round galaxy with bright coreForc03h 22m 42s37° 12' S
NGC 1365 in Formax9.511.2 x 6.2551365Barred spiral galaxy structureForc03h 33m 36s36° 08' S
NGC 1399 in Formax9.96.9 x 6.4351399Round galaxy, brightest in rich clusterFor03h 38m 30s35° 27' S
NGC 1398 in Formax9.76.0 x 4.5211398Round galaxy with bright coreFor03h 38m 54s26° 20' S
NGC 1407 in Eridanus9.80.9 x 0.8211407Round galaxy with bright coreEri03h 40m 12s18° 35' S
IC 342 in Camelopardus9.020.0314Round galaxyCamb03h 46m 48s68° 06' N
NGC 1549 in Doradus9.94.9 x 4.1161549Round galaxy with bright coreDor04h 15m 42s55° 36' S
NGC 1553 in Doradus9.54.5 x 2.8101553Elongated galaxy with bright coreDor04h 16m 12s55° 47' S
NGC 1566 in Doradus9.48.3 x 6.5421566Elongated galaxy with bright coreDor04h 20m 00s54° 56' S
NGC 1808 in Columba9.96.4 x 3.9201808Very elongated galaxy with bright coreCol05h 07m 42s37° 31' S
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
Large Magellanic Cloud in Doradus *1.9650 x 550280,780Spiral GalaxyDor05h 18m68° 36' S
PGC 19441 in Carina *7.823.3 x 15.4282Elongated galaxyCar06h 41m 37s50° 58' S
NGC 2403 in Camelopardus8.418.0 x 10.11412403Spiral galaxy structure with bright knotsCamb07h 36m 54s65° 36' N
NGC 2683 in Lynx9.78.0 x 1.8112683Very elongated galaxy, dusty, bright coreLyn08h 52m 42s33° 25' N
NGC 2841 in Ursa Major9.37.0 x 3.0162841Elongated galaxy, dustyUMaC09h 22m 00s50° 58' N
NGC 2903 in Leo8.913.0 x 5.0512903Elongated galaxy, dustyLeob09h 32m 12s21° 30' N
M81, Bode's Nebula in Ursa Major6.920.0 x 9.01413031Spiral galaxy structureUMaC09h 55m 36s69° 04' N
M82 in Ursa Major8.48.4 x 3.4223034Very elongated galaxy, dust & bright knotsUMaC09h 55m 48s69° 41' N
NGC 3077 in Ursa Major9.93.4 x 2.873077Elongated galaxyUMa10h 03m 18s68° 44' N
NGC 3115, Spindle Galaxy in Sextans9.23.0 x 1.023115Edge-on galaxy with bright coreSexc10h 05m 12s07° 43' S
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
NGC 3184 in Ursa Major7.09.8383184Round galaxyUMa10h 18m 18s41° 25' N
M95 in Leo9.77.0 x 4.0223351Barred spiral galaxy structureLeoC10h 44m 00s11° 42' N
M96 in Leo9.27.5 x 5.0293368Round galaxy with bright coreLeoC10h 46m 48s11° 49' N
M105 in Leo9.34.6 x 4.0143379Round galaxy with bright coreLeoC10h 47m 48s12° 35' N
NGC 3384 in Leo9.95.4 x 2.7 3384Round galaxy with bright coreLeo 10h 48m 17s12° 38' N
NGC 3521 in Leo8.97.0 x 4.0313521Very elongated galaxy, dusty, bright coreLeob11h 05m 48s00° 02' S
M108 in Ursa Major10.78.7 x 2.3163556Very elongated galaxy, dust & bright knotsUMaC11h 11m 32s55° 40' N
NGC 3585 in Hydra9.94.6 x 2.5 3585Elongated galaxy with bright coreHyd 11h 13m 48s26° 49' S
NGC 3607 in Leo9.94.6 x 4.0 3607Round galaxy with bright coreLeo 11h 16m 55s18° 03' S
NGC 3621 in Hydra9.612.4 x 7.1143621Elongated galaxy with bright coreHydc11h 18m 17s32° 49' S
M65 in Leo9.39.0 x 2.0143623Very elongated galaxy with bright coreLeoC11h 18m 54s13° 05' N
M66 in Leo9.07.6 x 3.3203627Spiral galaxy structureLeoC11h 20m 12s12° 59' N
NGC 3628 in Leo9.510.0 x 3.3263628Very elongated galaxy, dustyLeoC11h 20m 18s13° 36' N
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
M109 in Ursa Major10.67.7 x 4.7283992Elongated galaxy with bright coreUMaD11h 57m 36s53° 23' N
NGC 4125 in Draco9.82.6 x 1.534125Elongated galaxy with bright coreDra12h 08m 06s65° 11' N
M98 in Coma Berenices10.110.5 x 2.6214192Very elongated galaxy with bright coreComD12h 13m 49s14° 54' N
NGC 4214 in Canis Venatici9.77.5 x 6.0354214Spiral galaxy structureCVn12h 15m 36s36° 20' N
NGC 4236 in Draco9.722.5 x 6.21104236Very elongated galaxyDrab12h 16m 42s69° 28' N
M99, Pinwheel Galaxy in Coma Berenices9.86.0 x 5.0244254Spiral galaxy structureComD12h 18m 48s14° 25' N
M106 in Canis Venatici8.312.0 x 4.0384258Spiral galaxy structure with bright knotsCVnC12h 19m 00s47° 18' N
M61 in Virgo9.76.0 x 5.5264303Spiral galaxy structureVirD12h 21m 54s04° 28' N
M100 in Coma Berenices9.48.8 x 6.0414321Round galaxy with bright coreComD12h 22m 54s15° 49' N
M84 in Virgo9.31.3 x 1.214374Round galaxy with bright coreComC12h 25m 06s12° 53' N
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
M85 in Coma Berenices9.27.5 x 6.5384382Round galaxy with bright coreComC12h 25m 24s18° 11' N
M86 in Virgo9.21.5 x 1.214406Round galaxy with bright coreVirC12h 26m 12s12° 57' N
NGC 4449 in Canis Venatici9.45.5 x 4.5194449Elongated galaxy with bright coreCVn12h 28m 12s44° 06' N
M49 in Virgo8.42.2 x 1.834472Round galaxy with bright coreVirC12h 29m 48s08° 00' N
NGC 4490 in Canis Venatici9.86.0 x 3.0144490Spiral galaxy structure, attached companionCVn12h 30m 36s41° 38' N
M87 in Virgo8.66.0 x 5.0244486Round galaxy with bright coreVirD12h 30m 48s12° 24' N
NGC 4494 in Coma Berenices9.74.8 x 3.5 4494Round galaxy with bright coreCom 12h 31m 55s25° 43' N
M88 in Coma Berenices9.56.0 x 3.0144501Very elongated galaxy with bright coreComD12h 32m 00s14° 25' N
NGC 4526 in Virgo9.65.0 x 2.084526Very elongated galaxy with bright coreVir12h 34m 00s07° 42' N
NGC 4535 in Virgo9.96.0 x 4.0194535Round galaxy with bright coreVir12h 34m 18s08° 12' N
M91 in Coma Berenices10.25.0 x 4.0164548Elongated galaxy with bright coreComD12h 35m 24s14° 30' N
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
M89 in Virgo9.81.114552Round galaxy with bright coreVirD12h 35m 42s12° 33' N
NGC 4559 in Coma Berenices9.912.0 x 5.0474559Elongated galaxyComC12h 36m 00s27° 58' N
NGC 4565 in Coma Berenices9.612.0 x 1.5144565Edge-on galaxy dustyComB12h 36m 18s25° 59' N
M90 in Virgo9.511.0 x 3.0264569Very elongated galaxy with bright coreVirC12h 36m 48s13° 10' N
M58 in Virgo9.85.0 x 4.0164579Round galaxy with bright coreVirC12h 37m 42s11° 49' N
M104, Sombrero Galaxy in Virgo8.38.0 x 5.0314594Edge-on galaxy dustyVirC12h 40m 00s11° 37' S
M59 in Virgo9.81.4 x 1.014621Elongated galaxy with bright coreVirD12h 42m 00s11° 39' N
NGC 4631 in Canis Venatici9.314.0 x 2.0224631Very elongated galaxy, dust & bright knotsCVnB12h 42m 06s32° 32' N
NGC 4636 in Virgo9.65.0 x 4.0164636Round galaxy with bright coreVir12h 42m 48s02° 41' N
M60 in Virgo8.83.0 x 2.054649Round galaxy with bright coreVirD12h 43m 42s11° 33' N
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
NGC 4697 in Virgo9.97.2 x 4.6264697Elongated galaxy with bright coreVir12h 48m 36s05° 48' S
NGC 4699 in Virgo9.63.3 x 2.364699Elongated galaxy with bright coreVir12h 49m 00s08° 40' S
NGC 4725 in Coma Berenices9.211.0 x 6.0524725Elongated galaxy with bright coreComC12h 50m 24s25° 30' N
M94 in Canis Venatici8.214.0 x 13.01434736Elongated galaxy with bright coreCVnC12h 50m 54s41° 07' N
NGC 4753 in Virgo9.94.0 x 2.584753Elongated galaxy with bright coreVir12h 52m 24s01° 12' S
M64, Blackeye Galaxy in Coma Berenices8.510.0 x 3.8304826Elongated galaxy, dustyComC12h 56m 42s21° 41' N
NGC 4945 in Centaurus9.020.0 x 4.4694945Edge-on galaxyCenb13h 05m 24s49° 28' S
NGC 5005 in Canis Venatici9.85.0 x 2.295005Very elongated galaxy with bright coreCVn13h 10m 54s37° 03' N
M63, Sunflower Galaxy in C.Venatici8.613.0 x 8.0825055Elongated galaxy with bright coreCVnC13h 15m 48s42° 02' N
NGC 5102 in Centaurus9.79.3 x 3.5265102Elongated galaxy with bright coreCenc13h 22m 00s36° 38' S
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
NGC 5128 in Centaurus7.018.2 x 14.52075128Round galaxy, dustyCenB13h 25m 30s43° 01' S
M51, Whirlpool Galaxy in C. Venatici8.49.0 x 8.0575194Spiral galaxy structure attached companionCVnB13h 29m 54s47° 12' N
NGC 5195, involved in M519.65.9 x 4.6 5195Elliptical galaxy with attached companionCVn 13h 29m 59s47° 16' N
M83 in Hydra7.610.5875236Barred spiral galaxy structureHyaB13h 37m 00s29° 52' S
M101 in Ursa Major7.740.01,2575457Spiral galaxy structure with bright knotsUMaC14h 03m 12s54° 21' N
M102 in Draco (?)9.96.5 x 3.1 5866Spiral galaxy structure with gradually brighter coreDra 15h 06m 29s55° 46' N
NGC 6744 in Pavo9.015.5 x 10.21246744Round galaxy with bright corePavb19h 09m 48s63° 51' S
NGC 6822, Barnard's Galaxy in Sagittarius *9.010.0796822Galaxy, low brightness, bright knotsSgrc19h 44m 54s14° 48' S
NGC 6946 in Cepheus8.99.0646946Spiral galaxy structure with bright knotsCepb20h 34m 48s60° 09' N
NGC 7331 in Pegasus9.510.0 x 3.0247331Very elongated galaxy, dusty, bright corePegC22h 37m 06s34° 25' N
NGC 7793 in Sculptor9.19.4 x 6.3477793Galaxy, low brightness, bright knotsSclc23h 57m 48s32° 35' S
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
* = Local Group of Galaxies

Datos de TheSky, Software Bisque, versión 5.

Mag. es la Magnitud Visual Integrada del objeto.
Size es el diámetro visual del objeto, en minutos de arco.
Area es el área visual del objeto, en minutos cuadrados de arco.
Const. es el nombre abreviado de la constelación en la que está situado el objeto.

VQ es la Calidad Visual, de Meade Instruments:
A - Superior
B - Excelente
C - Muy Buena
D - Buena
E - Pasable
F - Pobre
G - Muy Pobre
Ninguna - Aún no clasificados y falta información para un estimado de computadora.
Nota: Las letras minúsculas indican objetos clasificados sólo por un estimado de computadora.

(?) M102 es probablemente NGC 5866, ver NGC 5866 / Messier 102 ? (SEDS)

Data from TheSky, Software Bisque, version 5.

Object Mag. is the Integrated Visual Magnitude.
Object Size is visual, in arc minutes.
Object Area is in square arc minutes.
Const. is the abbreviated name of the constellation where the object is located.

Visual Quality (VQ) from Meade Instruments:
A - Superb
B - Excellent
C - Very Good
D - Good
E - Fair
F - Poor
G - Very Poor
None - Not yet rated and missing information for computer estimate.
Note: Lowercase letters indicate objects rated only by a computer estimate.

(?) M102 is probably NGC 5866, see NGC 5866 / Messier 102 ? (SEDS)

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